checking it twice … wait I still need to make it

checking it twice ... wait I still need to make it

Getting ready for gift giving is a bit challenging.  I mean right out of the box,  WHERE do you keep your list?  I can't check it a second time because I haven't got it made in the first place.  My kids aren't overly snoopy, and a good thing too or there'd be no surprises.  But I need a list that won't be uncovered at an inopportune time, like say anytime in the next month.  T and I keep talking about what to get the kids but can't seem to finalize it and we're starting to run out of time.  

We're pretty flexible with our devices and let the kids use them pretty much anytime but that takes them out of the running for list making.  I did start making one with actual pen and paper and I just hope it got washed in my pocket otherwise there's no telling when or where it will turn up. 


One think I know for sure is that the 2 kids that wear pajamas are in dire straights.  Both of these girls keep eyeing the David and Goliath rack of fabric and make comments about how great they'd be for p.j.'s. 

Point taken.  I see some quality time with a ball point needle in my weekend :-)

a Tini bit of Thanks

a Tini bit of Thanks


Random quotes from the day:

"Why, there's a turkey in the popcorn bucket!" (said in a very British accent)

"Come take a look at this dough, somethings … not … right …"

"I'm thankful for … Bacon" said by the last person at the table after everyone else has offered up very heartfelt Thanks.

"May I please have an alternate dessert"

"I'd like to make a toast to fizzy, sugary, goodness"

"You should cover everything in fabric, it makes it look so much prettier"


Speaking of fabric, this is an enlarged version of TINI, made from corduroy, lightweight cotton, and ribbon trim.


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