Charity Auctions

While browsing the MANY amazing charity auctions on the German eBay site I came across this one, by prinzessinnen-traum that particularly stuck my fancy. It's a fabulous tank made out of green campan and darling wide pants in Emily. What a great combination! I hope you are inspired :-) I know I am!
edit: As it turns out I *think* this is the BERIT pattern, which coincidentally is a new arrival at banberryPLACE

Say it’s not so…

A couple of weeks ago we were initiated into the winter season. SNOW! Grace and Maiah thought it was wonderful, mostly because that meant it was Christmas! Jackson, well Jackson was the most bundled up and stayed that way. Big poofy coat, done all the way up, hands in the pockets, not coming out for anything. As you can see the girls were in jackets, making snowballs, and feeding Max. Sadly, we gave away all of our snow gear because I *thought* we would have no need for it. Ya know, the whole it never snows in San Antonio thinking! The kids had fun and of course finished it off with hot cocoa. Here's my first attempt at a slide show!
While we were having a romp in the snow Terry was doing his part peddling 150 miles from San Antonio to Corpus Christi in the MS150