The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

Okay so my only involvement in the Festivus stockings was that I pinned.. well.. one of them.
"If I jab myself one more *bleeping* time, I swear!"
"You're jabbing?"
"I'm jabbing!"
BUT I gotta give it up for my lovely wife on this. I think she had the vision for these things when she bought the slip covers from whence the stockings came. Yep, slip covers. Now I know purple is the color of royalty and all, but these things wanted, dare I say needed to be re-purposed. Their future as slip covers was indeed bleak.
They really did turn out nice, even if they were "thrown together" on Christmas eve. She even made one for her mother, and stitched "grammie" on one side and "Annie" on the other. Her mother seemed genuinely touched.
Nice job C!
(pictures to follow when the light is good, or one of us fgures out how to use a real camera)
Edit – 3-03-07 – adding the picture *finally*