working on happy ness

Well, the plaster wall/room is a little more time consuming and involved than originally thought. Cut I am still working on it, just in case you were wondering :-) and taking pictures AND making notes … [Read more]

give a little twirl

laguna twirl

My girl was selected to give a tour at school.  Which means the girl needs a new outfit, not really but I'll take any excuse to put needle and thread to fabric.  In the spirit of "sew what you know … [Read more]

sharing a little love

love string art

I had originally planned on making this post after my NEXT giant string art was done.  But the next one is still in the works and this one has a message that I felt was needed, especially this week.  … [Read more]

ear muff stuff


It's not the giant super fluffy ear muff that she wants but it just right for soccer on a chilly day.  This was a pretty easy project that didn't take much time at all. I used a french terry knit … [Read more]

sick craftyness

customizing ribbon

It was perfect timing, that is, if having a sick day could be perfect. M was home sick the day these ribbons arrived from Germany. "Color Your Own" ribbon are a genius way to have a totally custom, … [Read more]

Newsletter, July 12

The best kind of junk food has arrived at Banberry Place!  This is the zero calorie, printed on cotton knit, and easily made into something scrumptious kind of junk food!  Blue cotton candy, burgers … [Read more]

Newsletter, June 5

Have you visited our shop lately?  Please say yes!  We are so over the moon with the new look and feel of the shop and hope you are too.  There are still minor tweaks being made here … [Read more]